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Sleeping Shaq
The Red Pills must flow, brother!
Unfortunately, it’s much more than “some” atheists. There’s a FB page called Atheist Republic and it’s got about 2.2 million followers. The vast majority of memes posted on that page are passive aggressive at best and vitriolic at worst. Anyone who even politely disagrees with their fallacious claims or even dares to point out how their memes and posts are fallacious is mercilessly cyber bullied as much as that of critics of the infamous alt-left and alt-right. So in my opinion it’s a generation (narcissistic millennial syndrome) problem rather than an ideological matter. I have no doubt that the older generation atheists are moderate, tolerant and reasonable; the kind of people you would feel compelled to buy a beer for if you met them at a bar and had a conversation with them.
Agnostic: ‘Science can neither prove nor disprove God exists, so unfortunately, God doesn’t exist by default, so I don’t believe in God.......yet.’ Atheist: ‘There is no evidence God exists! Religion is a waste of life and does nothing but cause wars!’ **Posts meme comparing the bible to Harry Potter’s spellbook**
Then I believe you are describing an agnostic, which is what I am. Atheists tend to be more militant about not believing in God, and often attack religion and insult people who believe in it.
Because the bottom part of the meme describes the textbook parameters of a religion.