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Racism Today in politics
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Capitalism works only for the bourgeoisie and upper classes. in politics
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What if we put a cap on the wealth you can have and redistribute it to the poor, thereby nescessitating that the larger and more successful a buisness gets, the more the workers are paid?
Capitalism works only for the bourgeoisie and upper classes. in politics
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A country is successful if the majority earns more than enough to live.
A country is successful if the housing is affordable.
A country is successful if healthcare is affordable.
A country is successful if most people can eat.
A country is successful if poverty is decreasing.

By this criteria, successful countries are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Canada. For example, we in Calgary have high standards of living, access to affordable healthcare, good education, multiple organizations that provide affordable housing, ample food and enough money to live. Poverty is a problem, and so are gas/food prices, but we'll fix them eventually.
You know who you are in fun
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Stop whining and make a good meme for once.
This is why I hate Israel. in politics
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"Jews have lived there longer than Arabs"
This isn't about who lived there longer. This is about forced eviction by a nation that "wants to live in peace with those dirty arabs SOOO much guys!" in 1948 al-Nakba, and everyone who now lives w/o a country. This is about This is about people being forced to go through checkpoints in front of their houses, not being allowed to go to the nearest school in another town while citizens of the "liberal democracy" don't. This is about children being bombed and starved to death as collective punishment in a "war" against a nation with ZERO MILITARY. This isn't about history, this is about PEOPLE DYING. When I was a Zionist, I used the same "It doesn't matter who is getting expelled and dying, bcuz Mandatory Palestine was ruled by Britain lol!" And about your "those empires are dead anyways so who cares about Assyrians lol?", SO ARE THE KINGDOMS OF ISRAEL AND JUDAH. You only care about Jews getting their own state because they're God's Super Special Ubermenschen according to the bible.

I'm not denying that Oct 7 was a terrorist attack. But the over 1100 victims would most likely be disgusted that their suffering was used as an excuse to kill over 30,000 people, destroy their homes, etc.

Palestinians aren't just "Arab Muslims". There is an extremely ancient community of Palestinian Christians and Palestinians with roots going back all the way to Phoenicians and Samaritans. Numerous K13 and G25 tests show Palestinians Muslims are most closely related to Lebanese Christians and Samaritans.