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i_like_goose (23697)
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I'm gay bitchs. she/her
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Any other femboys or transfems relate? in LGBTQ
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om my f**king gods yes. there just be that 1 F**KING PATCH. bonis pain if ran out of shaving cream right as you notice and you gotta scrape it off other parts of your body just to finish
gimme more dog breeds to rank based on taste in Vibe_Zone
0 ups, 2mo
whares the Australian shepherd fit into this
Blu3’s announcement temp in LGBTQ
0 ups, 2mo
if you ever need someone as a hitwomen(theoretically of course) let me know. ill take care of it
credits to Evilish in Imgflip-bossfights
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i want to give it a hug.its so smol