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Today's Weak Woke in politics
0 ups, 1h
That's irrelevant. What's past is past.
This is not about her but about The Leftist Woke People who have changed the world for the worse. It could be anybody. In my day as you can see with Buck Shelford, we got on with the job. We Kiwis never say die, not unlike Leonidas at Thermopylae. This woke Leftist wussy garbage is destroying the Western world and we need snapping out of it.
Olympics in politics
0 ups, 2d
That's so true and the sad thing is, it was a Great event and originally designed where mortal enemies would down their weapons and views and compete in different events before going back to war where as our Punk Woke Marxist Leftists have abused this tradition and honour to slam home a political point that has no place at this event.
Truth in politics
0 ups, 2w
Yes I'm with you and have the same problem with the likes of Democrats who have smeared the word by putting a stop to legal and controlled immigration.
They have deliberately started a War of Races to steal Power every which way.
Covid-19 in fun
0 ups, 4w
The problem is epidemiologists aren't all united in their thinking.
Trusting is therefore a problem
Democrats in politics
1 up, 2m
Damn Filthy Liars Too! Honestly! 
Who do they think they are? | image tagged in memes,austin powers honestly | made w/ Imgflip meme maker