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Democracy in politics
0 ups, 1w
oyed when he ran the place. Democrats can never ever be trsted. They are not the party of the people anymore. They are the party who will kill for power. Get it right.
Touche’ in politics
0 ups, 2mo
You got that wrong too. You really have it bad man, or girl, whatever you are. The Dems are destroying the country by ruining the economy, inviting terrorists in unchecked through the southern border and teaming up with your own enemy in Iran giving them wads of dollars.
Touche’ in politics
1 up, 2mo
Two points.
The precise wording is irrelevant & Trump isn't the racist the Democrats are trying to make him out to be.
This is why Blcks and minorities are slowly waking up to the evil of the Left whos only interest is power, where Trump cares to get America back on track and strong again and not destroy as The Dems are willfully doing.
Touche’ in politics
1 up, 2mo
Well yougot that wrong Leftie!

You are well and truly hooked by their leaders whose only interest is power and not what's best for you.

Come November 5, don't be surprised just how much these Communist Democrats thug used you.

You just need look at Biden insuting all Blacks by sayinng,if you don't for me, then you ain't black.

If you don't seethat as a give away, then be well prepared for your personal epiphany.
Touche’ in politics
2 ups, 2mo
Why bother when it's all recorded on Fox. CNN and other leftist networks hide it from you.
I dare you to watch Fox.
Only a scaredy bubba wimp would b too afraid to for they know they'll have difficulty hadling what was kept from them. In other words,"The Truth".
I suspect November 5 will be when America speaks.