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Hogservatives need to grow the eFFFFF up.
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Steph Curry Hypocrite in politics
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You obviously don't care about the meaning of Fascism.

Also, like I said, demanding accountability for crimes against humanity (I'm not in favor of USSR state capitalism that calls itself "communism" to fool peasants into following it, and reactionaries into hating it rightly albeit but for the wrong reasons) is not fascism.

Fascism is a form of authoritarianism based on radical traditionalism, nacionalism and xenophobia/racial supremacism (racial supremacy and xenophobia have things in common but they're not the same.

You're welcome on the free lesson on Poli Science 201
Steph Curry Hypocrite in politics
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Protect conservatives doesn't mean impunity XD, the Constitution is not out of jail card XD
Steph Curry Hypocrite in politics
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Chickened out? I got my comment deleted, so much for the right wing and their freedom of expression.

I gave my arguments and gave not just an opinion, but a statement of fact.

Your intolerance has been tolerated for too long, you've been given infinite chances and you always go back to Yellow Peril and antisemitic conspiracies, you're the same Nazis of the 1930's (Of course now you call me a Nazi in the same way you criticize the left when pointing out when you literally copypaste from Goebbels' manual, more accusations that are actually confessions).

Hitler illegalized leftist parties because he didn't want competition, I want to illegalize conservative parties because they never competed by the rules and there's only so many exceptions you can make.
Super Triggered Liberals in politics
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Wow, a personalized meme? I'm truly honored, honest, no sarcasm, I swear on my living mother's, undug graved.
Super Triggered Liberals in politics
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The proudly illiterate peasant.

"See melord? I is not reading what the village agitator is saying, please let me hunt one deer on yer land in exchange, me children are starving"

"Well if yer children are starving, enlist them on the Feudal Guard!!"

This is the future people like you are actually trying to bring, a Warhammer 40K feudal planet