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Oval Office in politics
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My homework says you're a pretty dim bulb. The *center-right* govt resigned (not collapsed) after failing to push though a neoliberal cost-cutting measure on one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Have a 4th-grader do your homework before you respond to me next time.
Oval Office in politics
Oval Office in politics
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You mean the country that beats us on every measure of health, happiness, and economic prosperity? No, it really didn't.
WestWorld: Doesn't look like anything to me in fun
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I dunno. Cruz, et al split the establishment vote while Trump got 100% of the "f**k everything" vote. And "f**k everything" is waaay more popular than the GOP or the Democrats.
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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Look up anarcho-socialism. No govt required.