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Tejas History. We Got Our Bums Kicked in fun
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The Alamo is crucial part of not just Texas history but all of American history. The fact that it only really comes up when talking about Davy Crockett in any state besides Texas is terrible
Scooby doo mask reveal in fun
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and he lives in his mamma's basement
I have every cd from Smoothed Out Slappy Hours to 21 Century Breakdown in fun
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murder city, vivi la gloria, viva la gloria (little girl), welcome to paradise, song of the century, longview, st.jimmy, are we the waiting, whatsername, and many more
Green day fake fans in fun
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there goes all of my answers but welcome to paradise, murder city, and Christians inferno XD
Queen Lyrics week, Oct. 25- Nov. 2nd. A Bluesoldier event in fun
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This is one of my favorite Queen songs Good job