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Triggered Liberal in politics
4 ups, 2y
'The Air Force launched a project in 2019 focused on gathering female perspectives to provide better uniforms, including maternity uniforms, flight suits and body armour.'

Gotta get that pregnant woman body armour. Those pesky mouse pads just come flyin' right at ya!
Covid-19 Vaccine Q&A in politics
3 ups, 2y
my work colleague got the astra vaccine and was in pretty bad shape for 2 days. Apparently everyone he knew who got this particular vaccine had really bad side effects.

Personally I can't wait....for everyone else to get the vaccine because I'm sure as hell not taking it.
Will be interesting to see if there are any long term side effects that kick in at the 5 or 10 year mark.
Kill Yourself Guy in politics
7 ups, 2y
na, libs have always loved walls and military, just when its their side doing their own people.. because you're liberals