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Stolen Presidency in politics
1 up, 2d
well according to the numbers, Bernie voters ultimately went off and voted for biden so it couldn't have bothered them THAT much..
Angela Merkel in politics
0 ups, 6d
Incredibly islamaphobic of them. They should be arrested as per standard procedure in Germany these days..
White Privelidge in politics
2 ups, 1w
Liberals be like: 'There! that wasn't so hard was it...'
Racism is not tolerated on imgflip in politics
0 ups, 1w
It was an issue with predictive text. The stream is actually called 'Wild naturalism'
Its a support group for people who like to ride motorcycles pantsless.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt our meetings anymore because yours is very underwhelming. Thanks.
dirty politics in politics
1 up, 1w
Congress doesn't even begin again until the 20th. It will literally be an impeachment of a guy whose no longer even there.