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Chuck Norris in fun
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Chuck Norris says, "Monopoly houses? You mean a foot massage?".
Funny how certain principles are only valid when it's suddenly convenient for your side of an argument in fun
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I don't give a shit about red cups, pink cups, blue cups or any other colored cup - or snowflakes, reindeer and Christmas trees. I don't give a shit about gays, lesbians, homosexuals or any derivitive thereof; its their business.... up until they try to force it upon a private business and that businesses values and beliefs. If I'm in the coffee business, I have no obligation to put snowflakes on a coffee cup just because someone thinks they are somehow entitled to such because it fits their agenda. Likewise, if I'm in the cake making business, I should be allowed to bake - or not bake - a cake for anyone for any reason. Feel discriminated against? Don't shop there - move on, dammit.
Vengeance Dad in fun
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Best one I've seen today!
Bad Pun Dog in fun
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Best one I've seen today!
College Liberal in fun
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I don't think IT knows what IT is.... and I don't think IT cares. Meme is solid.