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Mothers Day 2015
All you had to do was let a guy finish in you and not fall down the stairs for a couple months..
First World Problems
Ordered a series of items on amazon once. Got all of them on the same day... over a 13 hour time period...
Don't use your children as weapons
Besides, f**k your so called 'friends' They're not your friends and never were -- just consider your situation to be a filtering system -- filtering out all the crap (your ex, her family, fake friends etc etc). Just start a new life, open new accounts, let everyone spy on your old unused ones, forget your ex and trying to be on good terms, forget what other people think and just focus on your kids. Everything else doesn't mean s**t so not worth thinking about.
Don't use your children as weapons
Just keep doing the right thing for your kids and your children will make up their own minds over time. You can't b******t anyone forever, even children, eventually they're going to see that the lies and the facts aren't adding up and it always ends up backfiring against the liar. Difficult now but you've probably got your children for life once they've worked things out. Also get yourself some new friends, family and stop using all your current online accounts. Open new ones, keep them in private mode and only tell those you want to talk to. Anyone spying will just see an account thats not updating.