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Avoid viruses- Go vegan in politics
2 ups, 4y
A meat eater getting measles is like a vegan getting measles , in the sense that your diet has absolutely nothing to do with contracting it, you idiot.
Desperate times call for desperate solutions in politics
1 up, 4y
Not even sure if this is a joke or not because I wouldn't be
Litter isn't a cleaning tool, it's basically a toilet and not much else..
Almost any kind of Paper, old fabric or even a large leaf would be more useful...
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 4y
It's a little late to worry about hygiene if people are almost literally shoving Corona viruses up their asses, haha
Obama Scented Candle in politics
1 up, 4y
Fraudulent product! !
All you can smell is Michelle's p**is