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chaws_the_dino (224296)
Joined 2024-02-04
Previous username: chaws_the_gay_dino
He/him I think. Idk. Use any pronouns. Idgaf
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Eda my beloved <3 (I simp for her T-T) in LGBTQ
0 ups, 1h
Hey man. U good? Check ur DMs
Fun Fact: Some of the LGBTQ mods have become mod more than once in LGBTQ
0 ups, 2h
Uhhh. Let's see here

Idk who Jade is
Emma fell off hard and threatened harassment
Umbreon I saw around, like, once
Emosnake deleted fairly recently
Idk who Polly is
Supercat seems cool
Gummy I've heard W, but we have barely interacted
Look ma. I'm famous
Millie seems chill, but we have barely interacted
Scarf I need to talk to more