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Picard Wtf
Picard Wtf
Exactly. You gotta be mental to get it mixed up.
Picard Wtf
My point exactly anything beginning with trans is bullshit no matter how many people think so. Thinking and being are not the same. The word cannot be real if it is imagination. It's not about liking it. That's the error in your brain. Liking/believing do not mean it is true. They are like the flat earth society of sexuality.
Picard Wtf
Made up bullshit word. Sounds kinda trendy but means something much worse. The definition of euphemism. Look it up. Let's try one. Transspecies. Wishing I was a fish. O shit I am not. I am friggin confused and mentally ill if I think I was born to be a fish.
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Maybe he just left his mark and moved along. Not sure he died