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Kermit-thinking in politics
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They try to justify through praise, saying it's they're right to praise it which is a bunch of malarky because there's no such thing as praise-worthy. Example: Zeus is just Nature, who is praise mythologically and people try to justify this by saying, oh it's my right to do like Zeus. No it's not. YOu don't have a right to force MYTHological stuff onto ANYONE. and that's what a lot of peeps are doing today.
Untitled Image in ItsACatholicThing
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Dont forget the Holidays too, oi.
Untitled Image in politics
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Yes, yes you can. LOL
Plan B? - Question for non-theists in The_Think_Tank
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If it makes you feel a better, "Buddha" admitted to everyone that he was human just like everyone else and didn't want to be worshipped, AND even banned images of himself.
Some people though went on to build statues of Buddha and worship the statues. LOL