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If I pissed you off, I didn't meme to :) Creator of Barkfucius, Good Luck Brianna ,No Hater Tater, and anonymouse :)
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Lack of autonomy
Thank you, Ghostofchurch. That was admirable. I accept your apology.
Kill Yourself Guy
Thank you. I may change my mind later. But, right now I think this is best. I'm not really caring about points or debating my memes at this time. I just pop in to make a few for fun. I wasn't even aware I would get points under anonymously and be seen rising in the top 100. I was accused of CHEATING! I wasn't even commenting to add to points. I just wanted to make some memes. They can take me off top 100 for all I care. I do like my memes to be seen, of course, and upvotes are always nice. One thing about anonymous memes is when you get upvote you know it is for your meme. I'm not doing this because I am ashamed of my memes. I would never make a meme I would be ashamed of. I am posting all memes, whether political or not the same way. You know I have always liked your memes and Invictas and have a few more favorites here, too. So, I see what you mean by not being able to find my memes. It is hard to tell because they could be dripping with sarcasm or dripping with cuteness lol I could always change my mind later. Maybe when I have more time.
Kill Yourself Guy
I don't mind you asking, as you have always been nice and a friend to me. But, there really isn't any one reason, but many. I have been away for about 8 months,for health reasons partly and I just feel more comfortable posting my memes anonymously. I've been posting all my memes anonymously for a couple weeks now. Nothing at all nefarious about it and I am liking it this way. I just like making memes. I hope you have been well. I've been enjoying your memes :)
Lack of autonomy
WOW! just WOW!
Lack of autonomy
I'm back Invicta. I am just posting anonymously. Nice to see you :)