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If I pissed you off, I didn't meme to :) Creator of Barkfucius, Good Luck Brianna ,No Hater Tater, and anonymouse :)
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Empty classroom in politics
5 ups, 4y
Who can have the greater impact is not the issue in the meme. It is that anyone can be racist, which is true.
Thanks Pelosi & company for rigging the democrat primary for the second time in 5 years in politics
2 ups, 4y
I don't like Bernie, but damn if he ain't being screwed over by the DNC Clinton/Pelosi gang again!
Blacks Against Democrat Oppression! in politics
7 ups, 4y
That Is not true. Just ask the black people who are Trump supporters. They are called traitors to their race, uncle Toms, told they think they are white, there are many videos on You Tube where white Leftists mock them and tell them they should be ashamed. They are even physically assaulted by the left. You don't have to take my word for it, go watch some of the MANY videos on You Tube. Ask Diamond and Silk how they are treated by the left, Ask Candace Owens. Some of the most racist people in the US are the white leftists!
The False Prophet And His Deceptive Disciples in politics
2 ups, 4y
Prophet=noun, false=adjective, definition of adj.: to describe. What are you describing? You are describing a Prophet. How are you describing that Prophet? You are describing that PROPHET as a false one. You, and only you are calling Trump any kind of Prophet. Intelligent people know that he is a President. Not a Prophet, as you HAVE called him, false or real, dear, er umm, deer. :)
The False Prophet And His Deceptive Disciples in politics
2 ups, 4y
You are saying he is a prophet. What kind of prophet? A "False" one. You called him a prophet. What kind of President do you and your ilk call him? A "False" one. See how things can go right over your head. "Basement" Projection? lol