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How the followers of God have been treated throughout the worlds history in Christian-clean-meme
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they didnt say exactly that but they said it in a tone and the way they put it seemed like thats how they meant it.
Uraraka Blank Paper in fun
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lol ok
Uraraka Blank Paper in fun
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lmao yeh

any reccomendations on hulu?
Uraraka Blank Paper in fun
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WOW thats a LOT lmao
i havent watched nearly as much, ive watched Demon slayer, Toilet bound hanako kun, mha, Danganronpa (Im in the middle of the second game, but i finished the first one) The promised neverland, and im currently in hxh, attack on titain, and i started assasination classroom but kinda forgot about it
i used to watch pokemon a lot so i also gotta watch it i totally forgot it exsited lmao