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a simple truth in politics
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Interesting... so if the end goal of terrorism is to establish a dictatorship and the U.S.' far-right commits the most acts of domestic terrorism, wouldn't that naturally lead to the installation of a right-wing dictator? Perhaps one who has already stated such is their Day 1 itinerary?
Well howdy, Trump-cult kids, it's Socialism again and today's topic is fail "best and brightest picks." in politics
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CORRECTION: 28 CFR ยง 600.1 is a regulation carrying force of law, established by Congress under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, permanently re-established in the wake of its 1999 sundown. In other words, Congress bestowed standing, blanket approval to the sitting Attorney General's Special Counsel appointments thus rendering arguments of unconstitutionality re: Jack Smith's appointment without merit.
Donald Trump is so boss even after being hit by a bullet, he wanted his shoes. Then pumped his fist and said "fight!" BOSS in politics
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Huh... it's not like his security detail hit him with the speed of a charging linebacker. Guess there's some downsides to wearing lifts... or maybe he's trying to compensate for those creepy, disproportionately small hands by wearing shoes that are way too large for his feet. Although... hoof horn does have a fairly low coefficient of friction...