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IDK what to tittle it in fun
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I'd rather get a used PS3 Phat than any PS5.
Even though he's doing some good here and there, I do not fully trust him nor believe all that he posts. in politics
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Trump is just another piece of Controlled opposition, overall, and the same is likely true for Qanon.
Even though he's doing some good here and there, I do not fully trust him nor believe all that he posts. in politics
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Stop making excuses for BLM and Antifa Literal communists and most Democrats | image tagged in memes,uno draw 25 cards,blm,antifa | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
RIIIIIIIIIGHT, dear Democrat shit-slurper. You and other people along with CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Vox, HuffingtonPost, and many other media outlets are indeed truly worried about the "alt-right" such as the Proud boys and and Richard "control-op" Spencer "radicalizing" people, yet at the SAME F**KING TIME you and most democrats either go full "DEFUND DA POLICE BLM" "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!" like good little dummy goons, blindly listening receiving, Believing and consuming the "PoLiCe ArE bAsTarDs" message along with the MSM-pushed LIE that 93 percent of the protests are and have remained peaceful OR turn a blind eye towards them, not so much as lifting a f**king finger! Watch this and see for yourself and decide as to how "peaceful and understanding" they truly tend to be.
No doubt the Alt-right is a real thing, but they are in truth major Controlled-opposition, mainly part of the strategy of playing both sides against the middle!
UNO Draw 25 Cards in fun
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You are forgetting about Liberia and Myanmar.
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp in politics
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Hello there, fool. Your assumption that I am a Palestinian is dead wrong. I believe that Israel ought to at the very least substantially cut down on their phosphorus bombing and missile strikes on Gaza and parts of the West bank. Of course, the mainstream media tends to spin and distort it in ways that paint the Palestinians as the ones who started the skirmish. In addition, much of the middle East has been brainwashed by Islamic teachings for centuries along with some parts being Indoctrinated into Christianity for the most part (like Armenia) Their control is not just economic and political, but also metaphysical.
Oh, and hi there, Amboy Duke 3.0! Keep on f**king Kvetching.