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How f**king stupid of you, Kosher fool. Keep on eating shit from Buzzfeed and modern CNN.
Why not? Mecca is stolen ground. It was originally an Arab Polytheist Temple(which later on possibly got some Hindu influence) until the former half of the 7th century CE, which is when the Early Muslims DESACRATED it by killing many the worshipers and substantially to severely damaging many of the statues of the old deities. After the carnage, they claimed it in the name of "Allah", their spook of a God. Its mostly the same thing when they actively went to convert the Iranians, Pakistanis, Maldives people, and many Indonesian folk en masse to their way of thinking. Contrary to what Islamic theology trains its adherents to believe in, there is NO ACTUAL evidence, written or archaelogical, that points to the Kaaba ever having been built by "Ibrahim" at all.
The Scroll Of Truth
To put it bluntly, Yes. The idea that the universe is something with a finite age complete with a starting point and ending like that of, say, Animals, plants, bacterium, comics, and books is not based in reality, even though is may seem that way to many. It is mathematically impossible to calculate what went on during and before the time of the "Big Bang". In addition, the idea that cosmic background radiation is all(or nearly all) from the big bang doesn't have any actual evidence to support it. Also, the idea of a "Big Crunch" is something I doubt, and I am not alone in doubting that. Some physicists are overtly skeptical of it ever happening for more reasons than one. Ditto for the Big freeze scenario.
Batman and Robin have a MAJOR disagreement on SW canon
Recently remembered. That was actually the 2nd Death Star's plans from ROTJ that got stolen. Oops