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Change My Mind
What about those who don't have children?
ron swanson
I know what you mean. However, not all children develop the way they ought to. Other than as a last resort for the life of the woman being preserved, I think that **pe conceptions and certain genetic defects are permissible(but not required) to be aborted in my book.
Who Would Win?
Animals as well as plants die even without human interference. Yes, the meat and dairy industries have their share of shady shit happening in them. That doesn't mean that the everyone working in the meat industry has to be locked up because "muh animals are equal to humans!" The fact is non-sapient animals are NOT equal to humans! Equality is not the standard of nature; it is the exception. >Inb4 bullshit claims that all meat is carcinogenic. Yeah, keep eating Jain diarrhea Soygal.
there are only 2 gender
Nice one. However, I doubt that the binary gender/sex biological system that applies to most, if not all multi-cellular earth life absolutely has to apply to all life in the Universe.
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What killed her?