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Left Exit 12 Off Ramp in politics
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Hello there, fool. Your assumption that I am a Palestinian is dead wrong. I believe that Israel ought to at the very least substantially cut down on their phosphorus bombing and missile strikes on Gaza and parts of the West bank. Of course, the mainstream media tends to spin and distort it in ways that paint the Palestinians as the ones who started the skirmish. In addition, much of the middle East has been brainwashed by Islamic teachings for centuries along with some parts being Indoctrinated into Christianity for the most part (like Armenia) Their control is not just economic and political, but also metaphysical.
Oh, and hi there, Amboy Duke 3.0! Keep on f**king Kvetching.
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Blind consumerism IN A NUTSHELL. | image tagged in memes,consumerism,just consume | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
OK unquestioning consumer who blindly follows Reddit memery like a dipshit who never fully grew up. Pic related.
Distracted Captain Marvel Fan in fun
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I disagree.
Please happen in fun
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THE BRAIN OF A SOYBOY | image tagged in retard wojak | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Sure, ya soyboy.
Hard To Swallow Pills in politics
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>Le Soleimani was an evil man
No, Soleimani was by no means a serial killer or thief. Go ahead and call me a "terrorist's best friend" if you want, but Iran is not some country run by diabolical warlords dotted across the mountains. Iran is at worst a teenage troublemaker compared to North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba. Qasem died for his country. Yes, there already have been major sentiments from the post-1979 Iranian government towards the US, Israel, UK, and others like South Africa that are utterly negative. But there's more to Iran. Though not by that much, Iran is more democratic than Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Whereas in Saudi Arabia no non-Muslim places of worship are allowed to be built, movie theaters and most music has been looked down upon, if not outright condemned as "evil" until rather recently (particularly movie theaters), and women weren't allowed to drive for until a few years ago, and the royal family(AKA the House of Saud) has near absolute power, Iran's government, though definitely with many elements of Islamic influence here and there, has a president who is openly elected by the people(though women still aren't allowed to run for higher political offices, they can vote like men can and have been allowed to do so for longer than Wahhabi-dominated Saudi Arabia, which only allows elections for municipal offices), though the Supreme Leader has substantially more power and is chosen the higher-up clerics and serves for a term that lasts for life unless either (1) he chooses to resign, or (2) the council of Experts finds him to be committing un-Islamic behavior(the latter is much harder to occur, as the council of Experts must be approved by the Guardian council, whose members need approval by Supreme leader. Iran's also more tolerant than Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Cuba when it comes to what one believes in. You don't have to be a Muslim to live in Iran; in addition to both Shia and Sunni Mosques, there's also a number of Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues, as well as a handful or two of Zoroastrian temples still standing in Iran. Yes, there have been attacks on each of these aforementioned non-Muslim places of worship by literal Muslim extremists from time to time. The same thing has happened in neighboring Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq as well. Its true that like many other Muslim-majority countries, you can go to jail for many years if you are a Muslim and are found to have converted to any other faith.