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Hi everyone, Male, age 42. Will not be very active in the proceeding weeks.
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Please don’t ask why I blocked them I regret doing so and I know it was a bad choice. in Online_Therapists
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Hi .HowdyHeyImMax.

I'm afraid I cannot be of help there. However, if your friend frequents ImgFlip then he will most likely see your post. And, even if he continues to resist friendship with you, he will at least see that you have a concern for him with the meme you have just posted.

As for his suicidal state, all we could do is pray that someone will reach out to him, or that he will find strength to endure.
bro man be selling merch at the crucifixion like wat in Christian-clean-meme
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More like a woman actually.

St. Veronica allegedly was said to have wiped the face of Jesus on his way to Golgotha, and there his face marked or etched on the cloth.
Supposed to be cc (fnaf crying child) in Drawings
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Googling FNAF I can see that. That requires a lot of lines, shadows, and proportions. Is it the top of the main character?
Supposed to be cc (fnaf crying child) in Drawings
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That seemed to be in relations to the other I've heard of involving maybe... four kids who were murdered and turned into animals. One of them, was turned into a fox, and evitably succeeded in avenging themselves against their murderer.
Supposed to be cc (fnaf crying child) in Drawings
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And, what is CC in relations to the drawing?