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Liberals do not support illegal immigration. Where did you get that idea? Numbers of drug dealers have declined. Liberals want to fix immigration system, not help illegal immigrants
To Rutger Bregman with.....something.
If you talk about learning something, quick tip: use proper grammar and spelling
Could this be because they are hypocrites?
You are right. Democrats will defend Democrats, and republicans will defend Republicans. I can name plenty of instances republicans condemned illegal things, and same with the other side. People here are so politically biased, and fail to recognize common logic
Another reason why I'm conservative.
What evidence do you have to support this claim?
Roll Safe Think About It
okay, what the f**k? How does one deny Covington kids? IT HAPPENED RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! WHAT IS THERE TO ARGUE? They were not just "dancing to the music, you can see them blocking his path.