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Resist! Be the resistance!
Terrible policies designed to further enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class workers.
I dont have to support Al Sharpton to disavow you and your hateful bullshit. And the only one who painted you as a racist is you. What you felt was an insult was simple honesty. Try taking a look at yourself if you can tear your eyes away from this month's Stormfront.
P.S. I haven't met a racist cop but I've seen many racist blacks. That says alot in itself.
You are like a cartoon of the perfect racist nationalist. Congratulations Heinrich.
Well the more black people you shoot the more the black people you are protecting will feel protected. Makes perfect sense. Let cops be thugs so they can out-thug the thugs. You should do a little reading to find out what successful policing entails. And try not to make everything about the race of the person getting shot. That's kinda the whole problem to begin with. You sound you want that badge so you can be a big man.