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Just don't confuse "it's tradition" with "we all should feel fine with it because I feel fine with it." Don't underestimate your ability to be a killjoy to others. Season's Greetings!
If I had a dollar for every time trickle down economics worked every banker and insurance executive would have all the money and use it to buy tax policy like they did this week and wages would be flat over the last 40 years while corporate profits soared to record levels. Oh wait. That IS what happened.
Something to think about.
I'm not gonna flip pages in your comic book all day. You just keep referring to different pages of fiction.
Something to think about.
So you found the only two contradictory pages of mumbo jumbo in the entire bibble and brought them to light for all of us to share? You are quite the theologian.
Something to think about.
Then why aren't we all invisible?