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End of an ERROR in fun
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I voted for this lying bastard in 2008. He had a majority in the House and Senate and his voter base was expecting some changes in Washington and that he'd clean up the Bush/Cheney trainwreck. He could have been Mount Rushmore material but opted instead to be a defender of business as usual. He pretty much was Bush's 3rd and 4th terms. The Democrats lost their majority in Congress in 2010 because Obama abandoned his base, and his race. The good news is that with Trump we finally have a president with balls and (I hope) integrity; traits that Barry never acquired. Adios Barry. See you at your war crimes trial.
May I recommend a salad? in fun
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No, nooooo: pole dancing is a privilege, not a right !!!
The cycle continues..... in fun
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Meet the New Boss: Same sleaze as the Old Boss.
Untitled Image in fun
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The Bugatti I know. What's the other?