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name in the description
Yes this is true
name in the description
Just for reference, Raydog and isayisay have left, but have not deleted. Raydog left 2018-03-16 ish isayisay left sometime around 2017-12 - 2018-01 (if anyone could clarify a date that would be awesome) Raydog says he will return fairly soon, but no indication of a date, and isayisay may or may not return, that is indefinite. Either way, we must never forget the first user to reach 10 million points, unlock the matrix icon and get over 15 million points in total, and the user who got a million points in just under ten weeks, and got 267,000 points in one week. Two of the greatest memers this place has ever seen.
RIP the greatest physicist since Einstein :'(
RIP Stephen Hawking
RIP the greatest physicist since Einstein :'(
I can't thank you guys enough for all the laughs you've given me and for allowing me the privilege to make you all laugh!!!
Check out supersaiynblueyasir's profile, in his tagline he's got a link to a meme he made with all the recently deleted members on there.