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Not a total jerk :) But I do enjoy controversial humor + it's shock value. Please take nothing I say to heart<3 E.T.
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But That's None Of My Business in fun
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not at all ;D i'm all man, no children, no wife, no girlfriend, and this magical piece of literary brilliance just occurred to me out of nowhere o.O it does, after all, require a giant leap to realize birthdays could be better celebrated :P

once you've had 25+ birthdays it's like okay ;s can't we do something else with this time
Nick Cage Poker Face in fun
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socrates ;D what link he wants us to click on? :-/ i don't get it
From Now On Assume "No Swimming" Means "Alligators Will Drag You Underwater And Kill You" in fun
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haha :P yeah :) i'm actually alive to see the day a major corporate giant trying to worm their way out of compensating a poor family who watched their 2 year old child be dragged into the f**king water by an alligator while at a go***amn theme park :(

i am not a parent :x probly because i like the movie Law Abiding Citizen far too much :( at least how i am at this point in life, i absolutely could not swallow that kind of pain regardless of whose fault or any of that bs ;( i'd just go total ape shit :( jihad style :( as wrong as it is and everything :/ but that's why i say i am not parent material (at this point in life :P 26 y/o) so maybe i will never be :X
Donald Trump Derp in fun
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he did call it a small loan :p i just find that funny ;D and if it makes you feel any better, i am a obsessive smoker in poor health, extremely miserable and hoping to not live a much longer life ;D so don't mind me ;p