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One Does Not Simply
That is a good point. The only minor difference in the Obama effigies was that the media and liberals were able to cry "racism." I'm not justifying the Obama effigies, just pointing out that one side of the political spectrum had a sense of outrage without looking into why some people didn't like Obama. It was easier to say "racism" instead of looking into the globalist policies that many Americans disagree with today. Political honesty (as well as intellectual honesty) are severely lacking nowadays, especially with these college liberals who cry "racism" when a white professor doesn't feel he should be forced off campus because of the color of his skin. Those students lack the capacity of introspection.
One Does Not Simply
She did. In my opinion, it can almost be considered sedition (which is a crime).
One Does Not Simply
I do. They, like Kathy Griffin, have a right to free speech and free expression. But so do all the critics of Kathy Griffin and the Dixie Chicks. Kathy seems to have forgotten that free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. Instead, she tries to play the victim and blame "old white men" for her dwindling career, not the fact that she's not funny.
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Lol. It's amusing because she's only funny when she's trying not to be.
This is pretty much right-wing logic
. . . And to bring along an ideology and a truly mysogonistic culture that lead to the terror and war in that region in the first place to other cultures that don't stone women to death for driving a car or for being **ped, throw gays off buildings, or drown apostates in steel cages. I don't recall the last time a woman was killed by having large rocks thrown at her for being **ped in the Western world, but I suppose you think the Western world is not "inclusive" enough of those practices. But you are going to take issue with people who say "all lives matter" because they see life as a bit more valueable than the people and the ideology that made those lands a veritable war zone in the first place.