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Would you take the vaccin if it enables you to go out again? in politics
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You could still get the virus and transmit it to someone who is less fortunate than you are. Like a loved one. Same reason mask wearing is recommended: not as much to protect yourself but others. In other words: people who don't only care about themselves practice social distancing. Take care!
Even the #GQP's #CPAC2021 organisation doesn't know what Kimberly does in politics
1 up, 2d
Honest question: what does Kimberly actually do for a living? And who paid for her 'assets'? And you seem a little upset by this meme: have you got someone to talk to about your issues? Good luck!
'All Muslims are suicide bombers!' in politics
1 up, 5d
Not by definition. Most are meant to be funny. I like creating memes that make people smile as well as to help them start thinking for themselves. Or at least look at things from a different perspective then the one they learned in their 'bubble'. Google 'meme definition'. Enjoy your day!
Should cooks not be 'forced' to wash their hands? in politics
1 up, 5d
Thanks! Learned something again. English is not my native language.
'All Muslims are suicide bombers!' in politics
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I know, but the racist I met in a bar, over a year ago, did not seem to be interested in facts.