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This #lolcat wonders why skin colour is the only difference between a troubled young man and a terrorist in politicsTOO
5 ups, 6d
Absolutely. But fortunately not every troubled person is a terrorist. Than we would really be in trouble.
This #lolcat wonders why people who live in an actual democracy think they don't in politicsTOO
2 ups, 1w
A sad day in the history of mankind. A day that can't be found in Chinese history books. :-(
This #lolcat wonders why people who claim they do their own research never do in politicsTOO
3 ups, 1w
Unfortunately that's very true. People tend to only look for information that 'proves' what they already think. Not everyone is a scientist. I remember a Belgian scientist on tv literally crying with joy because data he researched disproved a theory he had thought for thirty years to be true. I'd never seen anyone being so happy to be wrong. :-)