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….All I wanted was some privacy in a dark room… (Knockout's Note 12/1/23: Just tell her that that's her opinion.) in LGBTQ
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Replying to knockout’s note because I don’t have mod:
I’ve tried doing that already. She just tells me to stfu and cuts me off every time.
….All I wanted was some privacy in a dark room… (Knockout's Note 12/1/23: Just tell her that that's her opinion.) in LGBTQ
2 ups, 2d
!RANT WARNING! TW: Suicide. Also a lot of usage of the word ‘f**k.’

I can’t f**king do this anymore. First I get called a f**king mistake by my own sister and now I can’t even get privacy in my own f**king room. All I want is some piece and quiet and then my sister comes around (we share the same room and have done so since I was born.) starting her f**king shit like usual, always wanting the light on all damn night (one of the reasons why I’m sleep deprived.) so she can rant to her f**king boyfriend hundreds of miles away on what’s been going on at school (ANOTHER reason why I’m sleep deprived. She calls herself popular and then says she has a lot of trauma and bullying issues. Like bitch if you can’t stand up for yourself just drop the f**k out. (She’s sent people to the f**king hospital.) And she always puts her “trauma” above my own, not even realizing what the f**k I’ve been going through because I haven’t been diagnosed or even screened for depression. She just calls me a f**king brat (because I was spoiled growing up). She even kicks me out of my own room to call her F**KING BOYFRIEND! She puts herself above me because she’s experienced “more abuse” and calls me out for not going outside often, calling me lazy, when she doesn’t know what’s been going on internally. She just assumes I’m a f**king lazy entitled brat that puts themselves above others. I was isolating myself and starving myself because of my insecurities and basically inability to lose weight. Little does she know I’M the one that catches the bus for her in the morning. I have to stay out of my room every day just so they don’t get in trouble. I have to listen to her ranting and venting. And I don’t even vent myself because I never get privacy anymore….

..what do I do now…..???