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We might have a conspiracy in our midst here, Imgflip friends...
I actually got that from all you guys when we complain about something. As usual, its not funny for us liberals and we are butthurt but when you complain its a conspiracy theory LOL
Thats not right
Third World Skeptical Kid
Part 2) Please look up how affirmative action works. It does not say that you have to choose a less qualified person for the job because they are a minority. It says that you have to have a specific percentage of employees made up of minorities. Its says that if you have 2 applicants of equal qualifications, and you have a deficit of minorities, that you hire the minority. AA is not there to infringe on our rights, because we have those opportunities to begin with. Many minorities do not. It is there to protect minorities. My husband has had 2 bosses that were outright racist. They would never hire a minority if they could help it. Unfortunately AA is still needed in this day. If racism still wasnt so prevalent, then im sure everyone would be happy to throw AA out, to be judged on their own merit, but we are not there yet. To answer your question, I know that the doctor at that hospital is qualified to do what he needs to do. Are you ok with a business racially denying people of color? Because that is what will happen without AA. You wont see it, because you are white, but its there. As a white person, statistically speaking, I have a much higher chance of being accepted into a college, approved for a mortgage, hired for a job, to be let off with a warning for a speeding ticket and if I do something bad, MUCH MUCH MUCH more likely to receive probation, lower bond, and preferential treatment. Those are facts. Are you still not happy? Is that still not enough for you? Blacks were turned away from college for decades, so they made their own. They were turned down from being actors and actresses, so they made their own. Its not about percentages because they are minorities so they would hold less of the population, like you said. Its because they were turned away due to their race. Prime example, the city of Ferguson has a 67% population of Blacks. So by that standing, at least half of the police department, school district and local jobs should have a majority black make up right? NOPE. In fact, the Ferguson PD was made up of 50 white officers to 3 Black officers. Are you telling me there is not 25 other Black officers in Missouri that didnt want to work there. Yeah right. And of course several Blacks now working for other PDs came to say they applied for FPD and were not hired. This is what happens. This is reality. This is why you have to give some of your white privilege because most Blacks have none. Not your fault or mine, but our own society's doing.
Third World Skeptical Kid
While I dont agree with it, O'Malley was booed because he was directing the spotlight away from the point. And that is what the crowd was upset at. The huffpost article said this: "Though bad policing may take a disproportionate toll on communities of color, the calls for reform now being voiced loudest by people of color would benefit all of us." This is true, but as the CNN analyst said in your link, the black community is getting tired of being redirected, marginalized. They want the spotlight for a change, and I dont blame them. In another context, lets say that you have to get to wok each day. You could walk, there are nice sidewalks to walk on, they are relatively safe, problem free, but your work is too far to walk. You cant afford a car. So you bike to work, every day. Here is the problem, nobody cares about bikers. You are not allowed on the sidewalk, the space for you to ride your bike is small, full of potholes, not maintained, dangerous and you have to contend with motorists almost accidentally killing you. Every day you have to stop because of the bike lane being so crappy, and it affects your morale, your work, your stress. But there is nothing you can do about it. You have been asking the city commission to please fix it, for the last 60 years! They have ignored you. Finally this year, other bikers band together and get the attention of the local media. There is coverage, promises, reforms etc... But then, just as you get excited things will change, you hear your mayor say that "well, bikers do matter yes. But so does pedestrians, so does motorists. So we need to keep that in mind.". ID BE F**KING PISSED. You know why? Because of course everyone matters! Yet the pedestrians have their nice sidewalk, and the motorists have their nice road, but I have this shitty bike lane. So NO, I dont want to hear about pedestrians or motorists. I dont want to hear how you, as a motorist, is forced by the government to share the road with me, you know because otherwise I wouldnt even be able to ride a bike. I dont want to hear how you as a motorist right's are being infringed, when I have this shitty bike path. And that is exactly how I believe most black people feel these days. They are tired of being held to fair standards, when they are being unfairly treated for decades. They are tired of having their problems marginalized, and then saying well you have to be fair to everyone.