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Ron Burgundy
You should probably look into what science actually say before making a meme like this; as our understanding of human genome has increased the information many of learned in school has been disproved.
Back In My Day
Well, considering that terrorists from those 7 countries have killed 0 Americans to date; the protesters probably aren't too worried.
What Liberals don't want you to think about.
Look, I know you guys want to make the shootings all about you, but no, just no. The top picture is of Canadians standing in solidarity with Muslims after the shooting at the Mosque, just as Muslim Canadians have stood with us after many tragedies. And while 9/11 has pretty much nothing to do with this, Muslim Candians were amoung the Canadians who stood with the US after 9/11.
College Liberal
Yeah sure, except for the part where there is real, measurable harm caused to women by certain GOP policies, but not a single case of a transgender person assaulting or otherwise violating a woman in the bathroom.
Thank you Barack Obama liberals. Change really did happen.
It blows my mind how ignorant many Americans are of their own laws. Businesses in the US haven't had the "right to refuse service to whomever they wanted" since 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed.