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Alcohol hits you hard concentrate on not dying in fun
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To clarify, I wasn't looking for those things here. I was just here to make memes, but even that's not a thing anymore.

I never had anyone to help establish my life with, so I'm basically stuck here in life feeling alone as the rest of the world goes on without me. Nearly everyone and everything I've known is settling down, moving on and dropping out. I'm unable to do so. I feel I haven't even made ten percent of the journey they have and I feel like it's too late to establish my life as I don't have the opportunity to settle down with anyone and make a happy life, not even friends.

Spending nearly every waking moment lonely, i'm too extroverted to be able to handle it. No amount of distractions are able to carry me anymore when that's all I've had to rely on. I've even tried various forms of medicating, which can't sustain me anymore either.

I just feel too alone and have zero direction moving forward anymore because I want a reason to, and that reason hasn't come from myself and only from myself for nearly 29 years of my life.

I'm tired of being miserable, but I can't find happiness alone anymore.

I've wanted to kill myself years ago from the exile and rejection, but God stepped in and said "no," but I don't know what else He wants me to do. I pray and my life feels like it's getting worse. All I ever wanted was peace in my life and to have people close to share it with. Unfortunately now, I feel hopeless.
Just annoying in conservatives
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To be fair, extremists on both sides can allow worse people to come to power. For us, it's the extreme left who wants to ignore all laws and rights, even ignoring the approval of half of our government to push their agendas through.

They're convincing the people to want a socialist/communist system because they want everything for free without working for it, Sodom-level legalization, the imprisonment of "Nazis" (as I mentioned before, it's everyone who opposes their ideologies or supports someone who does, like Trump) and more power for those in charge. Meanwhile, they've been caught getting directly involved with news and social media to restrict access to information they don't like, even if it could prevent people from dying.
Just annoying in conservatives
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Historically speaking, that's how revolutions start, as well as countries. Unfortunately, it usually involves a lot of unnecessary suffering and force on both sides. Otherwise you can look to other horrible examples of what happens when the government's power is not limited.

As the famous Thomas Jefferson quote says: "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."

The government should have as little power as possible, and the people should have the right to hold their government accountable, by force, if necessary, if their God-given rights are infringed.

Does France have an original version of a constition or list of citizen's rights by which they need to be accountable for?
It was on CNN so it must be true in Real_Politics
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I once brought it up to people who were banning users from their site if they supported Trump. They told me to "prove Antifa has been officially declared a terrorist group by congress."

I actually found one mention of it, which they thought didn't count. They later banned me for "threatening legal action" when I suggested having someone familiar with official documents to determine the legitimacy.
Just annoying in conservatives
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Nowhere on Earth are politics fun, even in [what we're trying to keep as] the most free country on Earth with a constitution that asserts that the government should have as little power as possible and should fear the people. The current government wants to disregard it, and even made an enemy out of the previous leader because he embraced it and limited their power.