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It's only a problem if you treat it like one.
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I don’t want to discuss nutritional aspects, I want to discuss the moral aspects in The_Think_Tank
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She's a... celebrity, I guess. All you need to know about her is one time she equated Gordon Ramsay with Hitler. (cuz of the meat-cooking part...)
I think it's just bragging rights to the Nth degree. Some people have too much money on their hands in The_Think_Tank
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Would somebody tell that guy that has been on the median with his cardboard sign for so long there's a trail in the dirt where he paces that Jeff Bezos could've bought him and millions of others a house but wanted to spend 4 minutes in space? I don't think I understand it well enough to explain...
Isn't it a bit too much? in The_Think_Tank
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I'm an atheist but to beg the question, no. Life is so short, you oughtn't to be punished for what you didn't accomplish in the time you had on earth. If you lived 1000 years and did some awful things without regret, maybe.
Change My Mind in The_Think_Tank
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May I recommend and the book You Look Like A Thing And I Love You. Both are by Janelle Shane, an AI researcher, and show some pretty dumb moments from computers.