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It's only a problem if you treat it like one.
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i sooo want to watch it, but my dad says i cant (im 12 yo btw) in MS_memer_group
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There are... interesting scenes but they shouldn't be anything new. Violence, sexuality, it's a pretty average American movie really
am i right? in fun
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image tagged in it is hard to argue with his assessment | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
since I asked which you love in The_Think_Tank
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Ballads. I know there are some people who do them really well, but I loathe all ballads. Rap is usually fine, but there are definitely some rappers who don't deserve attention and some who are just horrible people
Philosoraptor in The_Think_Tank
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I shouldn't need to explain why the answer is yes.
Change My Mind in fun
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And that has nothing to do with race, I understand he's missed the point. I respect whatever opinion you'd like to hold, but we shouldn't be talking about communism under a meme about TikTok in the "fun" stream