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George Carlin in politics
1 up, 17h
Trump held an meeting where he FACTUALLY suggested that guns be TAKEN with out due process. I have never hears a democrat say so many Anti American bs than Trump.

Trump wants to abolish th econstitution now LOLOL

It would be aright if Trump got re elected and did that LOLOL No more 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th Amedment
George Carlin in politics
1 up, 2d
Good job admitting you hate the constitution while not even grasping Terry V Ohio

A Commie Jack Boot/cop must have Reasonable Articulate SUSPICION to make a LEGAL Terry stop.

They must also apply thr same standard to Pat down/searches. Got it? Of course you don't you hate The constitution and so do cops.

But but riddle me this you self titled "patriot" Open cary is LEGAL in many states

So what would the legal grounds be to stop and remove someones gun. I won't wait you will have no answer that is supported by the actual law and constitution
George Carlin in politics
1 up, 2d
It truly is a riot LOLOLOLOL The meme is about PRETEND patriots not Hunter but it's all you will ever have. Nothing Burgers.
Riddler in politics
George Carlin in politics
2 ups, 3d Your most predictable response will be something along the lines of

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That's not what he meant. you take it out of context LOLOL

Or maybe so what? Hunter Bidens Lap Top.

Regardless it will simply be more Trump cult deflections after all Your master told you to never believe what you see and hear and you have been a good little minnion