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"We" as our nick implies are a team here. Been a team for 30 years now

And you are still doing it. lol You will continue to pathetically "tie" Trumps pathological lying to the Democrats because you want to excuse it.

The topic of Democrat lies are 100% unrelated and have 0 bearing on Trump so be an adult and accept it. Democrats but they are not related to Trump GOT IT?

We highly doubt because that is all Trumplicans have "what-about-isms"

Your false position reeks of dishonesty and lack of integrity

Asking us what lies he has told is agian nothing but a very sad and pathetic attempt at dishonesty.

We chuckle at your attempt to insult our intelligence. We are not Trump supporters we think rationally and with logic.

So you are either lying about Trump on Trumps behalf or worse you really are that massively ignorant and if that is the case maybe they should pass a law that requires a test to vote
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You could'nt do it and we already knew you could not do it. We did "stereotype" you and you proved we were 100% correct in doing so.

You did EXACTLTY what we stated you would do. It's like we have a crystal ball over here lolol

You invoked Democrats in order to attempt to exonerate Trump. The people who think the deeds of others are related to "others" expose a deep lack of integrity, and are massive hypocrites with a vile moral double standard

1. The lies Trump tells get people arrested and hurt. The entire Jan 6th DC Riot occured directly as a reult of his NON STOP lying and that is a fact

Trump is a PATHOLOGICAL lair. We are willing to admit ALL people will lie it's human nature and a survival instinct in ways lol

But Trump? His lack of a true moral code might be the cataylst for the amount of lying he does.

He will never stop he is not capable of it.

2. No Biden is NOT "destroying" America not even in the slightest. You don't have to like his policies but as long as they pass Constitutional muster there is nothing illegal about them and that is a fact.

3. The American "Economy" like the worlds economy has always flexed up and down through out historty. It has many factors that dictate how it performs.

The economy was on a factual "upswing" when Trump took office he did not do anything "special" or original in anyway. The proof of that is how fast it swung down when "Covid" hit.

We must be special over here because we nor anyone we know has ever been effected by who the president is when it comes to our lives regarding ANYTHING we are doing just fine and always have.

It's actually kinda funny watching Trumplicans bitch about things they have no "rights" to

1. American have no "right" to a job that pays big bucks

2. Americans have no "right" to social media "free speech" IMGLFIP, FB, TWITTER and all the rest have User Policies and regulate content.

3. Americans can refuse to wear a mask or get the "poke" But you have no "right" to demand services or a job from others. The Constitution does not grant you those "rights"

2 more things. Democrats are not going to take your "guns" or anything else away from you. "Cops" would do that and they do it everyday.

Cops are the true threat to America not a DC Politician. No DC politician is going to come to your house.

Only people who have A-Moral personalities will do that because they have no true love and respect for America or the constitutuon. They can be bought.
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Well rational people would ask us for a specific fact or facts while you play your childish games

Buy here are some simple and 100% facts about Trump that make him 100% unworthy of trust or repsect and anyone who supports him is likewise unworthy of any trust or respect

BTW Even if you actually read the following facts you will most likely just cry about Democrats and actually believe their misdeeds and untrusty actions ""magically" exonerates Trump which of course it does not

1. No man or woman who betrays the trust of their own family/spouse is in any way trustworthy. And that is why we laugh at Trump supporters.

2. Any man or woman who has literally been involved in over 4,000 and counting civil court courses and other types of actual criminal investigations is a MASSIVE red flag and not worthy of trust of any kind

We are not claiming he is guilty of any particular crime. People are innocent until proven guilty in America. But we are saying we know what he is in fact guilty of and those things make him completly unworthy of trust and especially of ever being POTUS

3. All politicians lie while Trump has been a pathological lair his entire adult life and literally can not seem to help himself or stop lying. It's like a genetic or mental defect for Trump.

We get it you don't like Biden or Democrats neither do we. But that is not a green light to throw away common sense and the ability to think rationally.

Anyone who will literally lie multible times within minutes is not a trustable person

4. No man or woman who throws public tantrums and attacks others for simply not supporting his actions and 24/7 lying is not worthy of respect or trust.

And will we finish by saying one last thing. We don't care none of you Trumplicans don't believe we are old school Republicans.

We will just keep laughing our asses off while DC Trumplicans like MTG and the rest play you for the suckers you are. With all the "Were going to Impeach Biden" crap and "Take America Back" bs

Too Much to Think in politics
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They don't even believe in "god" in the true since. They spend their time cherry picking the bible and ignoring all the stuff that exposes how fast they would be going to hell if hell actually exists
Chris Farley Show in politics
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Blah blah blah