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Mainly, it was full of nonsensical but dank articles. There were not many exact memes on the front page though, but rather actual amazingly interesting images. Have YOU researched the times of the begining of Imgflip? It’s pretty interesting, there was this guy like Raydog always on the top, who although is inactive right now, has not yet deleted his account.
Seriously, which is right?
no- G hard as in Gun, and then everything else is pronounced -eeph, so Gif is pronounced Geeph. This is an exception to the rules.
Butthurt Liberal
I was ACTUALLY poking fun at those sadly mindless morons on the rampage who recently compared trump to "Cheetos Hitler", which is both a stupid, racist, and illogical thing to say, but I found the whole comparison comparison completely stupidly funny. (There is an online spoof of a Hitler movie where he is eating Cheetos, that was made in 2010)
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lol!: there are many ways to pull of this concept or destruction by global whining. I am also trying to work on some interesting/ funny ones.
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