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Things that are legal in Islam. in politics
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It was essentially Half a decade ago but those are just semantics.

I guess I really dont care at this point.

Maybe you wereright alll along and tI was wrong about Muslisms. I doubt it... but still


You do you.
Bye, I suppose in politicsTOO
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Hopefully not permanently. But I am definetly taking a leave from it. Let me explain.

I first joined imgflip to use its Meme Generator Capability. Thats back when there was only one stream. So I eventually got into the meme community here and began to meme. Then I got into the Politics part of Imgflip. I dont agree with most of the things that were said there, but I have to admit it was facsinating to see the other side, so to say.

Infact thanks to imgflip my views became a lot more moderated. Still left leaning but not quite as much as it used to.

Now comes the fun part. I immensely enjoyed arguing with other people about Politics. American or otherwise. I loved the disscusion. The debate. It was great. I as a person I am very intrested in politics if you havent figured it out yet.

In my private life I dont know a lot of folks who share similar intrests in politics and so its not often I get to talk about what I like the most. I used to quite enjoy my time here.

I enjoyed the time where I could comment without being called a German Nazi Liberal Hitler Socialist German Goose stepping Hitler protegee. I mean dont get me wrong I can easily shrug off normal insults. But when you go ahead and attack me for being /German/ and call me A Goose stepping Nazi and blame the Death of the Jews on me. And claim that I an all of my people are Nazis... it stings. It really does.

So in that sense Congrats Chosanwan and co. You f**ktards win. You have ruined my experience enough on this site.

I tried talking with them, I tried simply reporting them, I tried going to the Admins, but nothing worked and I had resigned myself to this new reality I found myself in, where anything I say is immediately discounted on account of my Nationality.

So. I give up. I dont feel like taking their shit anymore and moving over to another meme site. For now atleast. I might be back, but I doubt it.

Have a lovely day, ya'll!
California in politics
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F**k this shit
bikes in politics
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Ah feck off. Its not your Language. Its that of the British
bikes in politics
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I dont think a Civil War quite conpares to a World War