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I would rather have an honest conversation with somebody who doesn't agree with me than shout in an echo chamber all day long. So, thank you for being willing to have that conversation. :)
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Divorce too, you guys should need abortion in this thread and I've got bingo :p Anyways, God is against divorce, as it's listed many times in the Bible. But, God also knows that sinful man will be sinful, and so he gives rules for divorce for the protection of the wronged party. In that day, it was the man's decision alone, women couldn't write a certificate of divorce, and so the laws that were put into place were to protect the women who would be essentially homeless and penniless after that. So, it wasn't that God likes divorce, or even that he tolerates it, but that he is looking out for the widow and the outcast, so to speak.
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"The Old Testament is part of the Bible. Where in the OT does god say "no man can ever have multiple wives"?" There is no passage in the Old Testament that says, "You can't have multiple wives." However, it does say in Genesis 2:24 "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" man and wife are both singular, not plural. Also, one thing that Old Testament does a really good job of is showing how bad things turn out for those who have multiple wives. So much sin, pain, and heartache are the results of multiple wife marriages. Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon are some of the headliners who have multiple wives/concubines and have things go sideways because of it. Hope that helps clarify, and thanks for reading.
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I'll try to answer some of what you're asking here Octavia. So, why do Christians seem to pick which laws from the Old Testament that they follow now and others that they don't? This seems to be one of the questions that I'm seeing, if I misrepresented your point, feel free to correct me on that. In the Old Testament, and especially the book of Leviticus, the casual read seems to be God setting forth all of these laws, and many of them Christians don't even know much about: Not wearing garments made from two different fibers, prohibitions on shellfish etc. However, there are different types of laws being established in the Old Testament. One type is what we think of laws as now, a code that governs conduct in society. These laws were to apply to the nation of Israel and include both the crime and the punishment for the crime. Another type of law was the ceremonial law. These laws were to establish how the people of Israel were to worship. Things like ceremonial uncleanness would fit under here, and when festivals were to be held. These two types of laws (national and ceremonial) were intended to set Israel apart from the nations around it because Israel was the nation that God had chosen to use to send his Messiah. Christians believe that these laws have been fulfilled by Christ through His life, death, and resurrection, and since these have now been fulfilled, they no longer apply (Galatians really goes into depth about this) There is one more type of law that hasn't passed away, and that is the moral law. This is the 10 commandments type. These are things that are true for Israel the nation, and for all other nations. Theft, murder, fraud, etc. are just as bad for us as they were for the Israelites. All of the punishments that are attached to the moral law are part of the legal code for the Old Testament nation of Israel, and so don't apply, because the penalty for them has been paid by Christ. But that doesn't mean that Christians are just supposed to go around breaking the Law (Romans 5-6 explains this dichotomy well). I hope that this helps you understand your fellow 'flippers better. I appreciate you taking the time to read this wall of text. And, if you want this explained in snarky video content, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r2m_cffRjI