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To my fellow imgflippers: perhaps it's time to ask the mods for a downvote timer? this troll problem is getting RIDICULOUS
I'm primarily a lurker, but I figured I'd toss my $.02 in. I dislike the DV button being used to silence other users, regardless of what they're saying. Now that DVs aren't recorded, the button should really just disappear. Back in the day when dvs were tracked and posted with the upvotes, then it made sense. Now that DVs aren't publicly tracked the button should go away. The interesting thing is that most of the arguments opposing KenJ's view are the same arguments that were made when DV tracking went away. Life appears to have gone on without being able to view the number of DVs, so let's just get rid of the button altogether.
We really are under-appreciated.
If they wouldn't make mistakes we wouldn't have to correct them ;)
My wife and I were just discussing this tonight. 1 Canadian, 1 German, 2 Brits.