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Hollywood scumbags
During the election of 2016, the person who had my best interests was a Jew.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
Now that is funny. :)
I feel the need to choke these evil sumbeeches.
"Where is the sickness in the LGBTQ community? Are you serious? YOU WEREN'T BORN THIS WAY!!" Debunk that. "You don't make babies by sticking your johnson up someone's poop shoot. " I don't want to have a baby. "Why would you want someone's member up in there anyway? And do you like your member smelling like or coated with fecal matter? Or having your poop shoot turned into a cauliflower? " I don't. I don't want to have sex. Also, ad hominem. "Sorry, but the truth is the truth." The "truth" card is the most used card by the right, used far too much when compared to the left's race card. Labeling some "the truth" doesn't make it a truth anymore. "I never minimize the crimes of pedophiles, but you only want us to focus on the Church as being full of predators when there are predators in your community too, and you refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem--that is a sickness as well. " I never said that pedophilia was impossible in my community. I never defended the molester evil. Child molesting is a horrible crime. I've just never seen a conservative get on the church about it yet. "I hope you find Jesus Christ before it's too late..." The Find the Jesus card is another card used by the rightwing more than the race card is used.
A Wyoming tranny was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10 yr old girl.
She called me a troll as well. She's taking this path, lol.
Feel free to do what you will to this POS's image.
Fox News has actually taken news from the satirical news site called "The Onion", whereas Snopes follows no narrative. There are articles that criticize SJWs as well. I just happen to pick out the ones conservatives/radicals will get wind up about the most.