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goddammit i hate Synthetic Mantis guts rn
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You're welcome. Thank you for being a great friend.

I don't have much else to add, though I agree with everything you say, including around the changing environment starting from when Invicta left... his memes had more self-awareness and actual humor to them compared to the trash we see nowadays.
I'll let you know that I have changed my mind about deleting my account, but I'm going to be inactive on it, rather.

I wish you the best as well. :)
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When the separation of streams occurred, I also had disagreements with it. It ruined everything that was set in stone in the past. By making the politics stream, they created one of the worst echo chambers in the site, where one can get to the top by making the most basic of ad hominem fallacies.

Thanks for the site. I may not spend too much time debating politics like I used to due to some factors outside of IMGflip, though I'll look into it.

Well, on the plus side, I've decided not to delete my account after seeing the replies on this thread (which I made so everyone can voice an opinion on my departure). I will still be leaving though, and will delete all cache, cookies, and history related to activity on this site instead. Then I won't be tempted to come back, but if I want to do something, I can.

Thank you for that. I think the same about you, and come to think of it, I wouldn't be the same person I am today without debating with you or others like you. Believe me, the people who make the top of politics aren't the only kind of bad people on this site. There are many liberals on this site who are also hateful, similar to laonsite.

I will try to keep this account open. If it doesn't work out for me, I'll probably delete it. Again, thank you for your thoughts.
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Hey guys, letting all of you know (hopefully you see this) because I can't reply to everyone. After reading the responses to this, I am considering keeping my account open, but I won't be active on it as much as I used to be due to events in life and the site not being as fun for me as it once was. I would also like to thank everyone for reaching out to me; I didn't think I'd get this much notice. For now I'll be in-and-out, but not likely to be deleting this account. Again, thank you everyone.
Sunday gunday? in politics
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y my pp hard?