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(Insert tagline here) I make bad memes. Vote kaiju party next election in the IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS stream.
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E in MS_memer_group
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Yes I know I’m eight months late to reply ( sorry ) but I assume you are referring to the PoliticsTOO stream? If you are I support it because it’s a more liberal stream than politics. Also, why are you making this point while the politics stream deletes liberal memes?
CNN Breaking News Anderson Cooper in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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i was offline so i havent heard about this combining parties thing, as the hoc of kaiju im not doing that. i think we can beat you guys on our own
He's letting extremists run free. Even WN. Vote wubbzy for order! in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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Dude. You aren’t gonna get votes by letting someone that is racist, homophobic and in denial run free.