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Change My Mind in fun
0 ups, 9mo
Well some men become your McDonalds burger, or at least one of the ingredients in it.
This happens in US!!! in fun
1 up, 9mo
When you undercook the chicken and end up with active KEEP CLOSED GATE for the whole night
Is this relatable or not? in fun
2 ups, 9mo
I cannot relate because nothing relatable has ever existed
Aaaand nothing at all was achieved. in fun
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I looked like the crazy person though
everyone knows it's actually cultural marxism and leftist media indoctrination.
Is it just me? in politics
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Because the left tried to break into the capitol. Left are insane for wanting equal rights for lgbt people so everyone can just be happy. Left are insane for wanting to control gun use in the country which has had the 9th highest gun violence rate in the world. The left are insane for wanting to implement amber alert systems for mass shootings in the area.
It's true that the entire senate is mostly useless and acts in it's own interests (even some of the democrats), but the right's ideology of libertarianism lets them do even more bad things and not getting flac from their voters for it.