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The Rock Driving in politics
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The dumbing down of American society continues..... I hope you all learn how to speak Mandarin.
Viewership decreased 16% on Thursday's opener. in politics
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I didn't care last year and I will care even less this year.
I think Trump's net worth is bigger than Russia's. The next thing they'll say is Trump is being bought off by Burkina Faso. Or? in politics
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Have you seen how many nukes Russia has got? Although I don't buy into the conspiracy theories, you have to take Russian aggression seriously. Ask Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Libya, Belarus etc and they will tell you, you don't need a large economy to be the bully on the block.
Harold in politics
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Fire extinguishers have a purpose. They put out fires

Guns have a purpose, they kill things, in America usually people.
Burning, looting, BLM Marxism, Antifa thugs and defund the police is a great strategy. Hahaha. in politics
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Actually it's around 320 million and these are preventable deaths. If you were talking about Covid I would agree statistically it is not worth worrying about but why only in America do you have so many school shootings.