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Take Responsibility in politics
1 up, 7d
I'm so happy I don't live in America, I only have to read about dead kids in schools from outside the country and not have to worry about it happening to my family. Some Americans seems to think dead kids is an acceptable price to pay for widespread gun ownership. ISIS approves.
The Age of ACTUAL Deniers in politics
0 ups, 1w
no one denies God, you can't deny something that never existed. It is a bit like running in the street and saying, "I deny dragons!'. Everyone thinks you are a little crazy....
Futurama Fry in politics
0 ups, 4mo
The Boston Tea party was actually a reaction against lowering taxes on tea.....
Stop the hate really means just direct it towards white people. in politics
10 ups, 4mo
America really is screwed. They've now decide to fight racism with racism rather than judging people on performance and letting the poorly performing teachers go first.