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Olympics: Patriots vs Progressives in politics
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Probably not ideal to use a dead drug cheat as your poster child of a patriot....
Untitled Image in politics
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An armed American is a threat to other Americans and as we have sadly seen a threat to school kids. Some of you talk up the idea of keeping the government in check, but in reality the only people getting shot are not government officials but your fellow Americans. You are deluded.
College Liberal in politics
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Actually sorry I put that incorrectly, people are entitled to believe what they want and I will not mock the individuals for it. However the ideas of Christianity and Islam I will freely mock, people have rights, ideas do not.
College Liberal in politics
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I not only mock Christians but people of all religions who believe in superstition! I also don't understand why people like or even believe horoscopes. That and religion are just the same in my book.