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Change My Mind
I've never seen an atheist try to brainwash kids. That's new to me.
Change My Mind
but Judaism and Islam both reject the holy trinity as something that was made up long after the first Christians walked this earth....
Change My Mind
So 60% of scientists have no religion...... The Catholic Church originally denounced the big bang theory and said it was heresy.
Part of the "Caravan" has already arrived at the border. There has already been violence, and illegal entries.
Yeah, there is like light and heavy crude to keep it simple. The Saudis produce mostly light crude which is useful for gas and fuelling planes, hence why you import it. The US produces a mix and heavy crude is much more expensive to refine. However, the US is becoming so sufficient in gas they will start exporting huge quantities from 2019 from the south coast. A big earner for the oil and gas companies.
Captain Picard Facepalm
I'm not sure how you become qualified for political office and would Trump pass that test? People elect representatives and who they want is up to them. If that person campaigns on changing the constitution then so be it, then at least the people know that. After all the constitution is not a fixed document it changes over time, otherwise you would not have amendments but that is very rare.