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Hide the Pain Harold
In respect to Charlie Gard it was science and medical specialists that decided that case, the poor kid had liquid for a brain and keeping him alive was prolonging his agony. The kids parents decided to take the case to court, which is their right, and the ruling went against them. It's the rule of law, kinda like in America, except in America, who has the most money wins. A tragic case in which everyone loses. As for best military, that is I am sorry to say, just not true. The biggest yes, the most funded, yes but best, no. Israel and the UK have far superior forces, especially in special ops.
Your bacon is awful, European bacon is far superior.
Hide the Pain Harold
I don't see how that makes sense. Americans pay taxes to the government, Europeans pay taxes to the government and it is spent on what the voters vote for mainly. In the US that seems to be outrageous military spending above all else, while in Europe we like to keep people alive without bankrupting them.
Hollywood would be in love with Melania, if she wasn't a Republican
So Trump's mother was an immigrant, two of his wive's were immigrants and he wants to make it harder for immigrants to come to America. Is that the do as I say, not as I do defence?
Hollywood would be in love with Melania, if she wasn't a Republican
Forgiving wife, I guess so when you husband cheats on you, degrades women and is generally an all round arsehole. Let's hope one day she can escape...