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Even Republicans agree this would be democracy's worst nightmare. Call (202)225-3131, get your rep's number & fight it!
Only a fool would fight Judge Gorsuch becoming the next Supreme Court Justice...At least he still reads and understands the Constitution as it was written !
Why do they refuse to call it what it is?
WBC is a bunch of Nutjobs and not true Christians , as is evident by their Actions. Just because a few "Criminals" claim to be Christian does not mean they are. As Far as Muslims go, you need to read what Aayan Hirsi Ali , a former Muslim refugee writes about The Islamic Teachings and get a grasp on the reality of their true intentions...That is to Kill all Non-believing Infidels worldwide, kill gays, Jews, Christians, Atheists and others alike .
Why do they refuse to call it what it is?
The Attack on the Orlando LBGTQ Nightclub was a Muslim... enough said !
This is why you can't play fetch with a cat...
That was funny right there...I don't care who ya are !
That Would Be Great
Why would he want to stop and act like Shumer and Pelosi , and Maxine Waters, etc... ?