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Need to find a 3rd party or root out the people running the parties. in politics
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True. Technically it's not cheating. And he does put a lot of TIME into this site. That and 400 streams to make 500 memes a day can put you up in points very quickly.

But back in the "3 a day" submissions, when he was kubra_kiel, he admitted that he had his wife and kids upvote his memes when they were submitted. A quick 4 to 5 upvotes back then got you up the hot page really quick. And everyone knows back then is that is all it took to get consistent page 1 and 2 memes.

He was also knocked for reposts back then. Taking cartoons that already existed, whiting out the text in photoshop and putting the same words back in using imgflip. Cheating? No. But if /when he passes Raydog he deserves an asterisk by his name.
But you still are garbage, right? in fun
0 ups, 1w yup...and all over the internet
funny repost in politicsTOO
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You just answered your own debate - one is a mandate delivered by dictator governors and mayors. The other is a law that went thru the proper channels, legislatures.