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Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 5m
LOL - I get the notice my meme has been unfeatured for 'containing harassment' and BOOM he deletes his account. Anyone else I need to harass? ;)
Untitled Image in politics
4 ups, 5m
time out | image tagged in memes,this is fine | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
since my memes and comments can be weeks apart I don't stand to lose anything!
just something to think about in politics
3 ups, 6m
Don't worry about it. If liberals can't debate anything with facts they turn to false equivalencies.
just something to think about in politics
4 ups, 6m
Seatbelts are not mandates. They were passed through legislation. Face diapers are mandates, they are mandated by dictators, big difference.
Things that make you go hmmm in Politics_Redux
0 ups, 7m
Where do people come up with these stupid false analogies?