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Powerful Portrayal of Modern America in politics
3 ups, 2mo
This is the meme of the year!
Joe was there in politics
1 up, 3mo
You still bring up Trump living in your head, so there's that.
"Just in case." in politics
7 ups, 3mo
Also a quick check over there:

14 Memes on the front page
97 upvotes total for those 14 (average of 7 per meme)
Top meme right now has 47 views and 7 upvotes (LOL)
2 COMMENTS TOTAL on all 14 of those memes.
Dead stream.
"Just in case." in politics
7 ups, 3mo
Me, too. Funny thing is I never got the chance to comment, I got that message the very first time I tried. I don't read too much into it though. I've seen the top meme on that page with all of 7 upvotes before. The stream is dead.
Everybody probably knows this in fun
0 ups, 3mo
you mean like your urinal serial number meme that has been on imgflip several times, right?