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...but if you were white, I'd only tase you and then generously offer you a ride to the nearest methadone clinic. Kudos on dumbest meme of the decade, though.
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I like this. It's snarky. *bows to superior snark achievement
Aww, are you triggered too? Another sad little teabilly snowflake, all butthurt because the mean liberal lady pointed out your stupidity? GOOD. The more you inbred cracker assholes cry, the happier I am.
Still with the "I'm not but you are" hurr durr... I hate to burst your bubble of stupidity, but I posted a meme and you replied. That makes you the one who is triggered, you sad little crybaby. Now go ask mommy to dry your butthurt teabilly tears and nuke you another Hot Pocket, snowflake, and let the smart people converse in peace.