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Inception in fun
2 ups, 6y
And only the families of the brutally murdered children can understand why gun control is so important, clearly.
Untitled Image in fun
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You do realize that being pro-gun control isn't the same thing as being anti-guns, right? The objective is to be careful about who has guns and make sure they're only in responsible hands, and these security guards seem to have proven themselves responsible.
HISTORY 101 in fun
0 ups, 6y
Just because Hitler was a terrible man doesn't mean that this specific idea can't be helpful. Hitler was also a vegetarian and a lover of both animals and art, but that doesn't mean that it's bad to love animals, be a vegetarian, or like art. What IS bad is killing 6 million people based on their religion, and people who are pro-gun control obviously aren't proposing that...
You have to earn it in fun
6 ups, 6y
It's obvious you're talking about Donald Trump. I agree
College Liberal in fun
2 ups, 6y
My rule, as a liberal, is that I am open-minded to anything except for hate. So statements like "abortion is wrong" or "taxes should be lowered for the rich" are fine because they have good intentions. However, things like "the LGBTQ+ community doesn't deserve equal rights" or "it was her fault that she got sexually assaulted" or "we shouldn't allow Muslims in the US because a fraction of a percent of them are terrorists" are where I say NOPE and draw the line.