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Their money could not buy the love of the American voter in politics
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No, you don't "get what I am trying to impart".

For the last time you total f**king idiot :

NOBODY has an "advantage" in trading. If they did the SEC would either put a stop to it, or throw their asses in jail. Period. End of Story. Full Stop.


I furnished a real-world example of what the SEC merely PERCEIVED as an advantage, and what they did to Elon Musk to make an example of him. What your f**king stupidity doesn't let you see is this is what the SEC does. This is what they get off on. If you see anything else in these words, it's because your total f**king stupidity prevents you from comprehending what is here.

You are a total f**king idiot because you couldn't find your own ass with both hands and RADAR. You have no clue of which you speak, yet you refuse to shut the f**k up even after someone comes along and beats the hell out of you with the truth and facts of the matter.

That - and THAT ALONE - is what makes you totally f**king stupid.
Their money could not buy the love of the American voter in politics
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I feel the need to call you a moron because you are representing things that absolutely are not true.

NOBODY has an 'advantage' in trading because if they did the SEC would step in to stop it and/or prosecute people with the intent of placing them in jail. That is the entire mission of the SEC. The simple reality is when one falls afoul of the SEC one will be spending a MINIMUM of $5 million even if one is completely innocent of the charges. That's a hell of an incentive to stay above board.

I have missed nothing. You are crafting a delusion and presenting it as reality and that is absolutely f**king wrong. You simply do not know of that which you speak. All one has to do is look at how Elon Musk barely avoided prison over a mere tweet. What was his settlement again? Why, it was $20 million out of HIS pocket, and Tesla had to pony up $20 million as well.

Also :

• Musk was forced step down as Tesla’s Chairman and be replaced by an independent Chairman.
• Musk is ineligible to be re-elected Chairman for three years.
• Tesla will appoint a total of two new independent directors to its board;
* Tesla will establish a new committee of independent directors and put in place additional controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.


That's how the SEC deals with 'advantage'. The simple reality is you are a f**king idiot that doubles down on stupidity. IF you don't want to be called a f**king idiot then perhaps you should spend two minutes googling what the SEC does, and has done.
Their money could not buy the love of the American voter in politics
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You want to know how I know you are economically illiterate and a total f**king moron?

What you just described would be a total f**king masturbatory fantasy at the Securities and Exchange Commission. It would be THE case of all time. The lawyers at the SEC would cum in their panties and tight-whiteies a dozen times over before the paperwork was filed with the courts.

There is NO WAY they let a juicy target like Bloomberg go untouched if what you say is true. There is no way Bloomberg buys his way out of it. There's too much to be gained by way of reputation and bragging rights in being on the team that brought down a billionaire.

There's the problem - reality informs us there has been NO prosecution of Bloomberg, so what your delusion says is happening simply hasn't happened, and will never happen. It's your fantasy but has no place in reality.
Untitled Image in politics
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Absolutely correct, sir.

This line of reasoning is why I say everyone voting for Biden is not an enabler - they are as mentally ill as Biden.

The simple, unavoidable reality is America isn't buying into crazy right now, so they will neither vote for communist crazy nor senile crazy. Yet, I am sure this will be blamed on Trump - somehow, in some way - rather than on the stupid and insane within the democratic party.

One has to chortle at the democrats falling victims to their own efforts to dumb America down for the last 60 years. You asked for it, now you have it. Good luck from this point on with the herding of cats, you morons.
The same people trying to convince you how stupid Trump is will now try to convince you Biden isn't senile. in politics
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How many people can say they have been to the moon?

In short, what the f**k does that have to do with anything? Joe Biden is senile. Anyone sane and rational can see it. The point was, is and always will be the democrats ignoring the painfully obvious evidence that Joe Biden is senile.

You do notice none of the usual liberal idiots have chimed in here, right? They would look like total f**king asswipes if they did. All of reality points to the simple fact Joe Biden is senile, and in all the MSM right now only Brit Hume has had the balls to point out Joe Biden is senile. If the democrats nominate Biden, Trump will clean his diseased, demented, senile clock because every f**king democrat has decided to plant their heads in the sand over Joe's senility.

That's not Trumps fault - that is the fault of Senile Joe Biden for not dropping out despite knowing how senile he truly is, the democrats for not coming clean about it in the first place and every f**king mentally ill democrat that votes for Senile Joe.