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So I guess it's okay to kick people out of a restaurant because they work for Pres. Donald Trump?
So I should stop doing exactly what you do? Hypocrisy much there, idiot?
Wow. In one post we have an admission and/or proof: 1. You ignore what doesn't support your argument 2. Your reading comprehension is abysmal 3. Your pattern of lying continues 4. You still cannot post even *ONE* article supporting your assertions. "Because I said so" is not proof, especially when it comes from a serial liar. That you did not post even one link to an article agreeing with you, well... that's totally on you, not me. It's obvious the entire world of evidence agrees with me, not you. You are a trying to advance an agenda, and you will use lies, deceptions, omissions and straw men to make it happen.
... and yet I literally quoted the definition of the word violence and YOU made the choice to ignore it. The dictionary literally proves you wrong, yet, here we are, once again, with you denying all of reality. You cannot cite even one example of peaceful resistance or you would have done so. I, on the other hand, can cite for days : One has to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to make an assumption of peace, especially in light of the literal definition of the word 'violence' AND Maxine Waters urging violence being visited on those who disagree with her.