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Anime memes are my specialty.
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Where did my friends go? in fun
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
It means so much to me to hear that something I created speaks to you (and hopefully others) like that!
I started this two Sundays ago (June 20) and finished it the following Tuesday.
I’ve been very depressed lately for a number of reasons, which is reflected in this meme. Lately some of that depression has been more directly making its way into my memes, the sexual ones merely representing the distraction I need.
For this one, thoughts just sporadically came to me and I would record them into my phone. When I finally had down what felt like a complete section, it was just a matter of arranging and rearranging the different parts, and forming them into a coherent storyline…which is what you see here!
If you’re at all interested in the process I use to create them, see my reply to the question above.
Where did my friends go? in fun
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My name is resting on the building in the upper left corner.
Where did my friends go? in fun
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No offense taken.
Not all memes are funny.
Many of my memes are artistic and thought provoking in order to convey a message, this being a personal favorite.
I don’t yet work with Photoshop, but with most of mine I put a lot of work into photo editing.
It usually takes me a very long time to make a meme: anywhere from forty-five minutes to three hours, or in certain cases it can be spread out over a period of days. A lot of thought and attention are paid to detail and graphic design.
I am a perfectionist that way.
Example: very rarely do I use the actual “white“ color for my white font – often it is a very slight off-white color of a prominent hue used in the photograph.
Same thing goes with the black colors.
There are a few odd cases with a standard picture and a standard font, and the reason for this is because that is all that is required to convey the message intended.
What the hell are you talking about? in fun
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Yeah, you might wanna ask around. If you're on facebook, I'm fairly POSITIVE someone on there could tell you.