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Name's Jeroen! Programmer and novel writer! And joker! You wanna know more?
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Virtual money? I say nah in The_Think_Tank
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"hat is a fat lie "
Unfortunately that's not, and saying they are the future shows you are completely blind for that cold hard facts you refuse to face. The problem is, I didn't state any opinion aside from cryptocurrency being idiotic. All else are cold hard facts. I came to these conclusions long before the media was forced to admit them.

It doesn't take a "democrat" to face a cold hard fact. It takes a fool not to. I must be very blunt on that one. Bitcoin alone has already brought more trouble than it's worth, and others are not much better, which brings us to an other issue. The number of different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Since none are official anybody can take the crypto they want. Result many different kinds of values, the fluxuation between currencies will be disastrous and nobody can keep track of how things go.

Please note, you are also speaking to a coder. I know what can be "fixed". There is no kind of security possible on cryptocurrencies whatsoever. They are untraceable after all. You can't "fix" that.

If these really are the future, the future of economics is really on the line, and criminals, especially cyber criminals (and cyber crime *is* the future when it comes to crime) will have a free way to go. Money flows are after all one of the biggest weaknesses in grand scale crime.

The way blinded people speak of cryptocurrencies is actually nothing more but a display that distrusting the system can go too far. How people keep on making excuses to trust something that simply cannot be trusted and to cling on to a misguided idea of "freedom", turning "freedom" into a prison on its own in the process.

And one thing must be drilled out of your head. Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies were NEVER "marketed" to criminals. Stating that it is, shows you know nothing at all. They discovered the advantages cryptocurrencies have to criminals all by themselves. The media merely followed suit by reporting that. The big criminal guys have always been smarter than the "system", and unfortunately they always will be.

"Since it's a computer program it can easily be fixed"... I still gotta laugh about that one, since my 30 to 40 years of experience in this field taught me nothing is more difficult than bugfixing a computer program, and don't even try to discuss that one with me. And this also made me very well aware of the dangers of computer controlled stuff in general. And since I don't have a commercial interest I can speak in the way it is..
Gamestonk in Comics
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Bad pun in Dutch "Heel geestig" 🤣
Perhaps he should have wished for not being laughed at for his wishes 🤣
Is there hope, or is hope a lie? in The_Think_Tank
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"Zeus's would have been well aware that Pandora would be unable to resist."
As a matter of fact, as far as I understand the myth in full, Pandora herself was a gift by Zeus, one that humans did not want to accept as given the situation they felt trouble coming, yet no mortal being should reject a gift from God, right? Zeus actually planned for it that Pandora would open the box. And yes, even though the humans knew that accepting Pandora (and therefore the gift of female human beings in general) was going to give them trouble, the trap set by Zeus sprung, anyway.

Now my question was not really about feminism and the old views on that, I merely mentioned the sexism from modern point of view, as a side note. I do however think it's safe to assume that the one of the messages in the story is indeed that nothing but trouble can come if you leave a woman unchecked. Not a message I agree with, though. Let that one be clear. I may be a guy myself, but I've never really understood why my gender would make me superior or anything. I merely mentioned the general consensus about women back in the days of ancient Greece.

The actual question I set this about is your theory about "hope" as that was the only thing which couldn't get out of the box, due to Pandora slamming the box shut so quickly. Is there no hope, and are we really lost? Or will the box open again when the situation is really dire, so hope will spread over us again? Or is hope a poisoned gift as hope makes us cast the illusion everything will be alright even against better judgment?
I will never let you stay together, specially if you're reheated... in Comics
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It's a kind of combination that sounds odd, but which turns out pretty good once you try.
There's a lot of variety of pizzas out there, some even weirder than the other and some really downright disgusting.. at least, I don't like it if you do, go ahead and eat it... Like anchovies for example. But as soon as pineapple is mentioned, people act like silly fools....
And I wonder why people rage about it lately because the recipe is not even knew... I ate my first pizza with pineapple somewhere in the1990s I think, and even then the recipe was old already, and nobody complained... Oh well...
I will never let you stay together, specially if you're reheated... in Comics
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First of all my taste is fine. Who are you to decide for me I should not eat pizza with pineapple? And when it comes to emojis, you have no right to decide that either which emojis I should and should not use. 😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁

So all in all, who do you think you are, eh?