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Change My Mind
I've already given you tons of supportive evidence, enough to THINK about, but I guess you've all trashed it, and now you even DARE to blame me for not providing stuff except for think? I misjudged you... I though you were more mature than that. And I don't think I'm smart. I just gave matters a more clear thought. And you never corrected me, so it seems that you don't know the meaning of the verb "to correct". I really hope that I a non-native English speaking much give you lessons in English. You refuse to think beyond the border of the US and Mexico, and that's a pity, and that's where the solution is found. And in a lot of cases even beyond the entire country of Mexico. When it simply comes to migrants/refugees, all it takes to find the SOURCE of the problem is a bit of imagination in the minds of the people concerned. Why do they come to the US. Not because it's such a good country, because it's not. Simply because these people live in circumstances you can scarcely imagine. If you can aid these people on the places where they live, they won't come to the U.S. anymore, except for a very few. And that's also why the wall won't help. These people are so desperate that risking their lives is only a small price to pay. Hard to imagine, however that's the horrible truth. A truth everybody wants to look away from. Now when it comes to that shot above, anyone can create such a shot, so can you take me to the site you got it from? Also even if that article is true, that doesn't prove Russian bots don't exist, it would only tell that the Democrats could be equally guilty of manipulation, as one fact does not automatically deny another. See... You refuse to THINK, you take offense because I allow you to use your brain, so apparently I do think there is some cleverness in you, but that you simply refuse to use it. Nearly everything that happens has a cause and that cause is quite often the result of another cause. And one fact does not rule out another. It's not that I claim to be smart. It's just that I've learned to open my mind and not to look away from stuff, but to think further than the obvious. Simplicity can sometimes be good, but is quite often a grave sin.
Change My Mind
Yeah, those memes look like normal memes to me. The score is high, but when I compare it to my own score and the number of memes... So what makes you think you can prove this account to be fake?
Change My Mind
You just repeated what you said before and I already told you why I don't agree with you (simply because you said the same thing before). The number of users matters little to me. It only makes me put more priority on a case if I see that, but judgment will not be altered by it. I know I'm a pain in the ass now by saying that, but really coming to fair judgment does require evidence that tell a story that cannot be refuted, and this only sends up a possible theory. Deleting your own images is not forbidden as far as I know, and when done on a large scale then yes, the numbers look strange, that's inevitable. The reasons may rise suspicion, but nothing more than that. A mere suspicion, nothing more, nothing less...
Change My Mind
<sarcasm>REALLY? I NEVER FOUND OUT</sarcasm>, this meme however does not predate those news stories. It became big news since Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton and the results of the Brexit referendum are suspected to be caused by this kind of manipulation, but to be frank there were already smaller news issues on this matter many years before that. Of course it was not really taken seriously back then (and therefore just noted as "short news"), but that doesn't change the fact that this kind of news is old and pre-dating the moment that "anti-liberals" were copying the "liberals"... I quoted those words, as they are lately not used in the right meanings, either. And don't get me about fake accounts. I lost track of counting how many (confirmed) fake accounts I've seen on the internet before I even came to IMGFLIP (and likely even before IMGFLIP was founded).