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I will never let you stay together, specially if you're reheated...

I will never let you stay together, specially if you're reheated... | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
700 views β€’ 95 upvotes β€’ Made by anonymous 2 years ago in Comics
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I actually tried it and liked it, it was weird
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It's a kind of combination that sounds odd, but which turns out pretty good once you try.
There's a lot of variety of pizzas out there, some even weirder than the other and some really downright disgusting.. at least, I don't like it if you do, go ahead and eat it... Like anchovies for example. But as soon as pineapple is mentioned, people act like silly fools....
And I wonder why people rage about it lately because the recipe is not even knew... I ate my first pizza with pineapple somewhere in the1990s I think, and even then the recipe was old already, and nobody complained... Oh well...
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And there right
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YUMMY | I THINK THEY DO ? | image tagged in yummy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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First of all my taste is fine. Who are you to decide for me I should not eat pizza with pineapple? And when it comes to emojis, you have no right to decide that either which emojis I should and should not use. 😜😜😜🀣🀣🀣😁😁😁

So all in all, who do you think you are, eh?
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once at a pizza hut I saw a macaroni and cheese pizza
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Funny! I posted this tooβ€”not realizing you did it already. I just removed it. It’s a good one. Haha!
[deleted] M
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You don't need to remove it if you accidentally repost my meme
[deleted] M
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I don't care about repost...
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