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Starting to question this man in politics
0 ups, 11m
I'm not in Congress doing it for the whole world to see either. I can bully him 24 hrs a day and nobody knows. Any way, biden is not bullied like Trump was. Bcuz the media acts like biden is doing wonderful intelligent things. When he's not. Not even close. Trump was berated and called NAZI and DICTATOR snd he was making everything in America good.
Biden will be gone soon by the looks of things. He's nearly done completely destroying the country. Hopefully we can fix it. Might be too late.
When ppl are getting tickets and fines for flying the frigging AMERICAN FLAG, things are bad. The flag of our country. Offensive? Then they can gtfo.
10% for "big guy" - rohb/rupe in politics
1 up, 11m
Shouldn't he be home blowing paint and making money for joe?
Diversity in politics
4 ups, 11m
That's the revolver I have!
The State of the Union under the Stupid Biden Administration in politics
5 ups, 12m
You can sing this to the tune of Eve of Destruction. Kinda.
Surprise Another to add to the Clinton kill count in politics
5 ups, 12m
Doesn't she owe them money? How convenient nobody there to hand it to.