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Unhelpful High School Teacher
You probably die. X=238m. Think about it, 50 degrees is pretty close to 45 degrees, so they're not much farther than your flat is up high. The zombies move at a respectable 2m/s (Usain Bolt is a zombie, huh?) so you have about 119 seconds to work with, in which time you must grab food and descend roughly 50 stories to exit the building before they get there. Don't take the elevator. And when you get to the bottom of the stairs I hope you're not winded, because you need to haul ass away from those highly motivated zombies. So yeah, option 3 I guess, but you'll probably die anyway.
Stop being an asshole to women just because you can’t get them. Maybe there’s a reason.
Unfortunately, I don't actually have any of those, so I'll just have to keep being respectful to women. But I've totally seen that other stuff work.
Guns Kill People
Unless you want them to be used as melee weapons. (Which would make them a lot less effective.)
Seriously though, a pretty useless description unless he's the only asian guy around.
The Most Interesting Man In The World
Amusing story: I once met a guy who said he went to see Bambi in a theater as a young man. He swore that when Bambi's mother got shot, he heard the "thump" of her body hitting the ground. And it caused him to burst into laughter. In a theater full of children. Quote from one sobbing kid: "Mommy... why is that man laughing?"