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Guns Kill People
Unless you want them to be used as melee weapons. (Which would make them a lot less effective.)
Seriously though, a pretty useless description unless he's the only asian guy around.
The Most Interesting Man In The World
Amusing story: I once met a guy who said he went to see Bambi in a theater as a young man. He swore that when Bambi's mother got shot, he heard the "thump" of her body hitting the ground. And it caused him to burst into laughter. In a theater full of children. Quote from one sobbing kid: "Mommy... why is that man laughing?"
I've been putting the Christmas decorations away... :)
Not everything gets scared. Some things get pissed.
Well, since you are one of the more vampy meme queens, I suppose. Let me know if you manage to hit brain! :-P