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Keep me in mind. That’s my last will on imgflip. I have already reached anything here. I‘ve even been Nr 1 on weekly leaderboard in fun
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HEAVEN IS REAL I CAN'T WAIT TO HUG YOU THERE | image tagged in jesus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
These prayers come from the Book of Truth - referred to in the Hebrew Scriptures Daniel 10:21 and in the Christian New Testament in the Book of Revelation as the small scroll that the angel tells the evangelist to eat. It was given to the world beginning in 2010 to sustain us through these troubled times.

It promises miracles and there's no reason why you couldn't be among the first to benefit from them :). If you think I'm a crazy person, so be it. I'm used to that.

Anyone who would like to pray for UnbreakLP, please include him/her in this prayer. Let this be imgflip's first miracle.

Crusade of Prayer 94: To cure the mind, body and soul
"O dear Jesus, I lay myself before You, weary, sick, in pain and with a longing to hear Your Voice. Let me be touched by Your Divine Presence, so that I will be flooded by Your Divine Light through my mind, body and soul. I trust in Your Mercy. I surrender my pain and suffering completely before You and I ask that You give me the Grace to trust in you, so that You can cure me of this pain and darkness, so that I can become whole again and so that I can follow the Path of Truth and allow You to lead me to life in the New Paradise. Amen."

If you're a non-Catholic, say this prayer for 7 consecutive days and you'll receive total absolution and the power of the Holy Spirit (this goes for anyone here). If you are Catholic, go to confession to receive the same. :

Crusade of Prayer 24, Plenary Indulgence for Absolution
"O my Jesus, You are the Light of the Earth. You are the Flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds. We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross, yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You. Grant us, O Lord, the Gift of humility, so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom. Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we can march forth and lead Your Army to proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the Glory of Your Second Coming on Earth. We honor You. We praise You. We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings, as a gift to You to save souls. We love You, Jesus. Have Mercy on all Your children wherever they may be. Amen"

Whatever happens, God Willing, you'll be cured or among the first to lead the triumphant in Heaven back down here to Earth when Heaven and Earth merge. You'll be back with us in the blink of an eye ;).
Crazy Jim Carrey in fun
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BUT SOMEDAY I'LL PROVE THERE'S A BIG CONSPIRACY | image tagged in wierd al foiled | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Weird Al is foiled again :)