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When PC is used against the ones demanding PC in fun
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I've heard very few people suggest that no one is allowed to say anything that offends anyone, anywhere. I don't really see the application of your "point", are you suggesting that people shouldn't be bothered by racial slurs/discrimination because people are also bothered by defenses of racism? That line of logic doesn't really follow.

I used to be big on the "anti-PC" bandwagon, but I think these days the cure has become worse than the disease. People criticize political correctness as an excuse to avoid talking about serious issues. The anti-PC crowd is just as focused on how people talk as the hardcore PC people you find on tumblr, only they want people to be politically incorrect rather than politically correct, hence Trump's appeal despite him not having formulated policy positions on all but a couple issues during the campaign. I get that memes are supposed to be jokes, but it sort of plays into that. If you think racism is no big deal, fine, deal with the issue head on and make an argument for why it's no big deal. Don't just make snarky comments about people who "demand PC".
When PC is used against the ones demanding PC in fun
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Complaining about PC used to be complaining about FALSE accusations of racism, not defending actual racism. Your "point" as far as I can see is that racism isn't really that bad (just being "racially biased") which has nothing to do with PC since plenty of people didn't like racism in the 40's/50's/60's before the modern concept of PC existed.

Projected reply from tomborden- "Thank you, you just made my point" while not articulating what your point is or what about my comment made it.
The adults in the room are sick of your reaction to our Constitutionally elected President elect. Grow up and deal with it. in fun
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Speaking of brainwashing, "ignorance is strength", right guys? Enjoy your tinfoil hats.